Blackberry Blackout

10 Oct

Blackberry users across the world are currently experiencing a blackberry blackout. According to News24 a major fault at RIM has cut off millions of BB users. “The fault was affecting consumers in Africa, Europe and the Middle East”. The fault has affected web browsing, blackberry messenger, as well as the accessing of other internet services such as e-mail.

I have been a blackberry user for a year and always prided myself on being accessible to information at my fingertips. However, the news of the collapse of blackberry services eluded me. News 24 has always been my best friend in accessing news by the second anytime of the day, but it was a facebook comment that informed me about the BB blackout, hours after the news broke.

So I ask myself… Are we too dependent on technology for information?

My answer is yes! Gone are the days where purchasing a newspaper at the supermarket was the in-thing to do. We currently live in a world where technology drives our existence. At the crack of dawn we are on our techno gadgets (BB’s, iphones, ipads and laptops) to survey current news and social media sites. We have become so dependent on these new-age inventions that we forget it’s the simple things that are often more reliable. Life was simpler when people were not agitated at the failure of technology.

What does this all mean…?

In my opinion we should embrace the technological advancements that have been made, but we should not forget the simple things in life (reading newspapers and listening to the radio).The next generation will never know the smell of freshly pressed newspapers if we do not expose them to it.  After all technology may be upgraded but it is print that will last the test of times.

Embrace new with the old…




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