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Meet the parents- bringing him home to DAD

9 Jan


A development of a new found love interest is an extremely adorable aspect to witness. The denial phase, the “I like you” phase and  the “its official” phase. Recently, I began witnessing these very first stages and it got me thinking… Is there a right way for the official parent’s introduction?

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Finding your place in the workplace

8 Jan

Hi Guys…
I have been a blog slacker for over a year, but so many things have happened which is why I turn to my blog, my platform of creativity and self-expression, a platform any young professional needs. So here we go…

Graduating from university is an enormous accomplishment for any student and for many it is their ticket into the real world called WORK. When you walk across the stage to receive your degree with added achievements like cum laude, you feel on top of the world, a woman who is at the doorstep of greatness. Then you enter the REAL WORLD…

In the real world your social and academic status is only but a memory compared to the feelings of anxiety that is coupled with job hunting and interviews. You frantically scout for your all-important break by probing every job posting you can find until the one you think is perfect finds you, and you prepare for your perfect job with poise and diligence.

So now that you in and the reality of 8-5 hits home with an annoying sound of a doorbell alarm. How do you cope?

Many young professionals accompanied with the feeling of being overwhelmed are faced with the challenge of finding their niche in the workplace.

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