Meet the parents- bringing him home to DAD

9 Jan


A development of a new found love interest is an extremely adorable aspect to witness. The denial phase, the “I like you” phase and  the “its official” phase. Recently, I began witnessing these very first stages and it got me thinking… Is there a right way for the official parent’s introduction?

A father is the single most influential man in a woman’s life. They set the benchmark for all aspects of relationships that revolve around intimacy issues with men. These seemingly overprotective men are the most intimidating yet soft-hearted men when the topic of love interests arises with their treasured daughters.

So how do you prepare your boyfriend for THE BIG INTRODUCTION?

Some might feel that this introduction is not a necessity but for a daddy’s girl, your father’s approval is the cherry on the cake to a promising relationship. If dad is extremely loving but a tad bit overprotective and overbearing, do not prepare your boyfriend by scaring the wits out of him- the introduction will be awkward. Allow your man to exude confidence but not arrogance. He should be respectful and introduce himself with a firm handshake and eye-contact. Remember a first impression goes a long way. If your man seems to be doing the hokey pokey (shaking all in his pants), calm him down and say “my dad will love you”. A baggy pair of jeans with underwear on display is a no no and keep the PDA on the down- low.

In addition, briefly prepare your dad by telling him you bringing a guy friend home. Relationships with parents should be open and in many cases they are not. But some communication should take place- you do not want your dad to be blindsided by the thought of his baby girl having a new guy in her life. gives you these useful tips and warnings:
Have your boyfriend dress semi-formal, so your parents don’t meet him as the slob
If your parents are strict or uptight, make sure to ask them to be gentle and nice to your boyfriend, after all he is your boyfriend
Make sure he isn’t the epitome of your parents’ nightmares
If one of your parents is cool about it but the other is not, ask them to prepare and make sure the latter is not rude or mean
Never bring a boyfriend home drunk, stoned or incapacitated
Make sure to have a few topics of conversation ready in case anyone starts feeling stressed and you need back-up

You always want the two men in your life to be amicable towards one another. Nobody wants the drama associated with a dad’s disapproving eye.


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